Deep Freeze

We are experiencing a huge deep freeze. So bad in fact that it can be compared to the 1996 Deep Freeze. Currently it is -9.6F/-23.1C with winds at about 20mph and gusts at ~30mph. This is bringing the wind chill to -31F/-35C. We are currently under a Wind Chill Warning. The NWS says that the actual temp will get down to -16F/-26.67C with a wind chill of -40F/-40C on Monday January 26th, 2014. Tuesday it won’t be so bad, but with wind chills at -31F/-35C, it’s still bad.
Hypothermia and Frost Bite at wind chills of -30F to -44F can be within 5-10 minutes. At -45F and below it will only take 2-5 minutes if even that. The NWS is urging people to stay indoors and not go out unless absolutely necessary.

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Back up and running and SNOW

Sorry for letting this Weather blog kind of die, so I am reviving it now. An update on what has happened; I moved up north into the snow belt, got a crappy job but pays decently, have a nice roommate.
It is snow season here and we are going to get impacted by lots of snow… around 7 inches I’ve heard. Winds are going to be picking up soon as we are soon going to get hammered by lake effect snow.

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Isaac is now a Tropical Storm and will most likely intensify into a Hurricane. Here is a Forecast model:

As can be seen, it is expected to ride along side the West Coast of Florida as a Hurricane. I have family in Naples, FL. They are prepared for Isaac when it arrives before 2 PM Monday afternoon. They will feel the effects for a while before and after 2 PM. I live in Tampa, FL and will be the next to feel the effects of Isaac. On that note I am also prepared.

I’ve been checking the models on for when Isaac makes landfall and where it will be on the 28th of August. Now to explain the models I am going to show you. These models show Isotachs or lines of equal windspeed at upper levels of the atmosphere. The shaded parts are the wind speed in knts (1 knt = 1.15078 mph). The RAP models are for next 18 hours, so they won’t be useful as of right now. The NAM and the GFS models will be used. However the NAM is only up the the next 4 days, until the 26th, but anyway here is one model from the 26th:

The GFS models are the most useful for right now with a prediction period of up to 17 days, there are bound to be inconsistencies. Anyway the GFS models show Isaac shooting across Cuba and re-emerging on the Straight of Florida:

As one can see already, the GFS models put the track of Isaac more West then the NAM models. Continuing on, Isaac is now off the beaches of Marco Island and Naples.

This is Isaac at 06 UTC or 2 AM EST (I think):

Isaac makes landfall on the 28th at 18 UTC or 2 PM EST (I think):

As Isaac passes just West of Tampa, FL, the Relative Humidity will be 95%:

There will be a lot of Moisture in the air. This means lots of rain. Just to show how much rain is possible:

But that is not the whole scale of Precipitable Water…

Now that is a lot of rain possible. Over 2.8 inches! But overall over a 24 hour period:

… 3 or more inches.

And now for Radar Images~ :D

This is one of my favorite radar techniques Near InfraRed, it is also looped (updated every 30 minutes)

Clicking will bring you to the Radar loop

Some other Radar loops.


Click to open radar loop

and RBTOP (personally better then Rainbow):

Click to open Radar loop

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Tropical Storm Debby

Tropical Storm Debby is off the coast of Florida and is bringing heavy rain along with lots of severe weather, including tornadoes. Debby is expected to hit the Panhandle of Florida sometime Thursday, though the tracks are a little scattered and there is no exact point of landfall yet.

There were several tornado warnings issued for my county so I tried driving out to them to get pics. Unfortunately I arrived late on both Tornado warned areas. They moved so fast 35-50 mph.


Picture 1 of 91

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Selling photos

Okay so… here’s the Earth. Damn that a pretty good earth you might say. ROUND!

I am going to try to sell my photos to newspapers or websites to acquire money. I have very little of it and have borrowed just enough to pay my rent. I hope that selling photos is productive in getting me some money to sustain a small living UNTIL I can find a fairly decent job. Going to have to ask around at places to see where and what prices to sell them.  National Geographic won’t take them as they do their own photos and stores. Help me think of places besides newspapers and National Geographic.

Also I have thought of the name for my Storm Chasing business, Mixed-Breed Chasers. Sounds cool right? :D

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Storm photos

A storm passed though today. Took some really neat pictures.


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Rain today

It rained today and there was some thunder. Nothing much else here.

I don’t know if this low over the Gulf near Cuba developed into a Sub-Tropical Low or not. Been looking for more information on it.

Okay found the info. It is unlikely to develop into a sub-tropical cyclone, but will produce rain and gusty winds over South Florida.

For more,

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nothing of interest

Nothing of interest weather wise. Looking for jobs so I can pay rent and bills and stuff. Just updating to tell you I’m not dead yet.

So here is something to pass the time, Ask me anything: Formspring

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Meteor Shower

Last night was supposed to be one of the biggest Meteor Showers in 2012. There was nothing to be seen for me. I tried to take pictures of it, but since I didn’t see anything, I just have photos of the beautiful night sky.


Picture 1 of 8

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Happy New Year!

2011 has been a good year for me, thought I could have done without the whole 6 months of recovery after having acute bacterial meningitis. I hope you all had a good year in 2011 and that 2012 will also be a good year.

It’s going to get cold tomorrow, a low of 34F is expected, but it Tampa it will be to 28F. Perfect weather, maybe it’ll snow :O

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